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Our interactive youth focused presentations offers  a distinctive approach to providing inspiration.  Over 95% of program participants commit to changing habits to pursue scholastic and career success 

We'll help guide your young minds to discover their greatness. We create highly motivated individuals empowered with confidence. They'll

be committed on their journey to academically excel in pursuit of their aspirations.

WAK4Youth, Inc. a 501©3 nonprofit organization that provides inspirational education for youth to achieve academic success, reducing high school dropout rates and juvenile recidivism.

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Inspiring the pursuit of acheiveing greatness


"Our youth are our future, we must guide them to greatness"

                                       Donald Musgrove II, Founder, WAKE4Youth


I learned how to follow my dreams and that no matter how bad your past is you can change and make something out of yourself – I know how to succeed in life and never let no one or nothing stop me

I learned that I should keep my mind on my own goals –
I will put more work into my school work

There’s more to one thing to do in life and it’s full of choices –
I’ll keep on moving forward to pursue my dreams

How to take care of your life, make right decisions and that everything bad that happens can turn out good in the future –
I should take things more seriously and make myself happy with what I want to do in the future

That going to school and having good grade is important –
I’m going to start going to school, keeping my grades good and work harder to achieve my best

More about the stock market and real estate, I also learned more about retiring and how to invest my money so that it can help me in the future – Come more often to school and pay more attention in class. Try to do my homework every night, also study before test and whatever necessary

My future is very important. My goals are very important and preparing for my future now can really make a difference –
I might study harder, I might work more, and get in to extra activities.

Do what I can to make a difference in my life

Your future is what you make it. You can’t be what you want to be if you’re slacking – Study more, be on point, find different activities to participate in, get extra credit toward to my college application

How to start my life and what to do in life and to use my time wisely and don’t waste it. Not to just get a job but get a business –
I’m going to work harder in school and stop making bad decisions

I need to start thinking about my future and my future plans. I also need to pick a career which will pay me enough money and to get there I need to do well on my education –
study harder for school, start to choose my future career, discuss these plans with my parents, come to class and be on time

I learned how to follow my dreams and don’t be afraid to achieve your goals, go for it! –
This information will help me achieve my goals

I learned that there are many things out here to do but if you want to do it you need to stay on your game and get good grades – I now would like to try more harder to achieve my dreams

I learned that you’re always good at something in life and all you have to do is go after your dream –
this information makes me look at life differently

My life starts now and the choices I make these next 3 years can cause me happiness or a lot of struggle for 10 year after high school –
I’ll start coming to class on time and stop skipping. Also my homework will be the first thing I do when I get home.

The steps it takes to get in life and what your priorities should be. Focus more because you can have a better life –
I will start going to all my classes and focus

If I’m good in high school I can get a good job and even go to college – get all my work done and get good grades

How to plan for my future by making wise choices now, I also learned that stocks, real estate and business is a good way to create wealth so you won’t have to struggle –
Now I will look ahead from now and think about my future. To do that I will do my best work in school and not cheat myself out of it

WAKE4Youth Results...

Inspired Change

Motivated young minds are empowered to believe in themselves to pursue achieving their dreams. 

Thirst for Knowledge

Participants become excited of their newly discovered knowledge and develop earnest desires to learn

Empowered to Succeed

With new perspective and awareness, participants realize a new found confidence to face and overcome challenges they may encounter


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